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Advance Rockhampton 
Advance Rockhampton Tourism Register Form PDF Version(PDF, 252KB) Online Version
Pilot Dining Platform Expression of Interest Form PDF Version(PDF, 126KB)
Use of Smart Technology Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 132KB)  
Rockhampton Aerodrome Airside Driving Authority Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 402KB)  
Rockhampton Aerodrome Airside Vehicle Permit Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 406KB)  
Rockhampton Airport Airside Escort Request Form 2022-2023 PDF Version(PDF, 273KB)  
Rockhampton Airport Bus Zone Parking Permit Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 106KB)  
Rockhampton Airport Car Park Pass Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 251KB)  
Rockhampton Airport Charter Advice Form 2022-2023 PDF Version(PDF, 303KB)  
Rockhampton Airport Maintenance/Cleaning Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 192KB)  
Rockhampton Airport Night Works Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 278KB)  
Rockhampton Airport Temporary Crane/Obstacle Notification Form PDF Version(PDF, 151KB)  
Additional Animal/s Approval Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 259KB) Online Version
Animal Desexing Voucher Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 223KB) Online Version
Animal Release Form PDF Version(PDF, 276KB)  
Cash Donation for Rehoming Impounded Animals Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 306KB)
Online Version
Dog Attack Information Sheet PDF Version(PDF, 286KB)
Dog Registration Amendment Form PDF Version(PDF, 281KB)
Online Version
Dog Registration Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 282KB)
Online Version 
Regulated Dog Review Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 241KB)
Online Version
Report a Lost Animal Form PDF Version(PDF, 217KB) Online Version
 Cemeteries and Burials    
Burial/Disturbance of Human Remains on Private Property Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 267KB) Online Version
Cemetery Service Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 536KB)
Memorial Installation Permit Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 1MB)
Plaque/Memorial Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 1MB)
Child Care    
City Child Care Centre Enrolment Form 2023-2024 PDF Version(PDF, 611KB) Online Version
City Child Care Centre Expression of Interest Form PDF Version(PDF, 233KB)  
 Development, Building and Plumbing    
Building Approval Amendment Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 266KB)
Online Version
Building Approval List Subscription Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 219KB)
Online Version
Building Plan Retrieval Request Form 2023-2024 PDF Version(PDF, 260KB)
Online Version
Building Works Assessable against Planning Scheme Form No PDF Online Version
Development Incentives Policy - 1 December 2013 to 31 July 2017 Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 145KB)
Development Incentives Policy - 1 August 2017 to 14 May 2018 Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 245KB)
Development Incentives Policy - 15 May 2018 to 31 December 2020 Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 245KB)  
Development Incentives Policy - 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021 Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 249KB)  
Development Proposal Pre-Lodgement Meeting Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 220KB)
Online Version
Local Government Consultation Request Form - Further Extension of Currency Period PDF Version(PDF, 239KB)
Online Version
Material Change of Use Form No PDF Online Version
Operational Works Form No PDF Online Version
Reconfiguring a Lot Form No PDF Online Version
Reconfiguration of a Lot Incentives Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 309KB)
Online Version
Referral Agency Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 557KB)
Online Version
Referral Agency Application Neighbour Consent Form PDF Version(PDF, 247KB)  
Survey Plan of Subdivision Approval, Easement/s Approval or Community Management Statement Certification Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 246KB)
Online Version
Superseded Planning Scheme Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 342KB) Online Version
Temporary Home Permit Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 233KB)   Online Version
Link to Non-Council Forms    
Education Program Booking Form - Part of the Pack PDF Version(PDF, 253KB) Online Version
Education Program Booking Form - The Good Neighbour PDF Version(PDF, 270KB) Online Version
Waste and Recycling Education Tour/Guest Presentation Booking Form PDF Version(PDF, 342KB) Online Version
Volunteer Request Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 327KB) Online Version
Work Experience Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 337KB)
Online Version
Environmental Authority Amendment Form PDF Version(PDF, 355KB)
Online Version
Environmental Authority Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 362KB)
Online Version
Environmental Authority Surrender Form PDF Version(PDF, 347KB)
Online Version
Environmental Authority Suspension Form PDF Version(PDF, 318KB) Online Version
Environmental Authority Transfer Form PDF Version(PDF, 339KB)
Environmental Nuisance Complaint Form PDF Version(PDF, 201KB)
Online Version
 Fitzroy River Water    
Build Over or Adjacent to Sewer Infrastructure Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 99KB)  
Fitzroy River Water Service Request Form 2023-2024 PDF Version(PDF, 283KB)
Online Version
FRW Infrastructure Issue Reimbursement Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 248KB) Online Version
Metered Standpipe Hire Form PDF Version(PDF, 357KB)
Metered Standpipe Hire Agreement - Contact Details Amendment Form PDF Version(PDF, 190KB) Online Version
Public Standpipe Rechargeable Water Card Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 863KB) Online Version
Residential Rebate for Water Efficient Products Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 342KB) Online Version
Seasonal Water Assignment Transfer Form PDF Version(PDF, 407KB)
Standard Water Supply Contract Amalgamation/Subdivision Form PDF Version(PDF, 384KB)
Standard Water Supply Contract Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 276KB)
Online Version
Fitzroy River Water Tour/Guest Presentation Booking Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 347KB)
Online Version
Trade Waste Discharge Permit Application/Renewal Form PDF Version(PDF, 524KB)
Undetected Leak Rebate Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 209KB)
Water and Sewerage Private Works Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 260KB)
Online Version
Water Trading Website Register Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 358KB)
 Food Businesses    
Food Business Licence Amendment Form PDF Version(PDF, 426KB)
Food Business Licence Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 334KB)
Online Version
Food Business Licence Replacement Form PDF Version(PDF, 297KB)
Online Version
Food Safety Program Accreditation and Amendment Form PDF Version(PDF, 308KB)
Online Version
Food Safety Supervisor Form PDF Version(PDF, 324KB)
Online Version
Deputation Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 695KB)
Petition Submission Form PDF Version(PDF, 790KB)
Privacy Complaint Form PDF Version(PDF, 41KB)  
Right to Information Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 177KB)  
 Grants and Funding    
Councillor Discretionary Fund Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 219KB)
Online Version
Councillor Discretionary Fund Donation Received Form PDF Version(PDF, 211KB)
Online Version
Major Sponsorship Scheme Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 722KB)
Major Sponsorship Scheme Acquittal Report PDF Version(PDF, 238KB)
RADF Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 598KB)  
RADF Quick Response Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 338KB)  
Community Assistant Program    
Australia Day Community Events Grants Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 802KB)  
Australia Day 2023 Community Events Grants Acquittal Form PDF Version(PDF, 347KB)  
Community Development Grants Application Form  PDF Version(PDF, 574KB)  
Community Development Grants Acquittal Report PDF Version(PDF, 691KB)  
Community Facilities Insurance Support Application Form  PDF Version(PDF, 539KB)  
Environment and Sustainability Grants Application Form  PDF Version(PDF, 555KB)  
Environment and Sustainability Grants Acquittal Report PDF Version(PDF, 694KB)  
Local Community Event Sponsorship Application Form  PDF Version(PDF, 612KB)  
Local Community Event Sponsorship Acquittal Report  PDF Version(PDF, 694KB)  
Regional Community Event Sponsorship Application Form  PDF Version(PDF, 641KB)  
Regional Community Event Sponsorship Acquittal Report PDF Version(PDF, 694KB)  
Examination Supervision Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 271KB)
Online Version
History Research Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 220KB)
Online Version
Library eNewsletter Sign Up Form PDF Version(PDF, 211KB) Online Version 
Library Membership Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 375KB) Online Version
Library Technology Centre Booking Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 490KB)
Online Version
 Local Laws    
Commercial Use of Roads Application Form - Display of Goods for Sale on a Footpath PDF Version(PDF, 1MB)
Online Version
Commercial Use of Roads Application Form - Footpath Dining PDF Version(PDF, 299KB)
Online Version
Commercial Use of Roads Application Form - Mobile Roadside Vending PDF Version(PDF, 2MB)
Online Version
Commercial Use of Roads Application Form - Other PDF Version(PDF, 388KB) Online Version
Commercial Use of Roads Application Form - Stationary Roadside Vending PDF Version(PDF, 2MB)
Online Version
Infringement Notice Instalment Plan Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 199KB)
Online Version
Infringement Notice Withdrawal Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 231KB)
Online Version
Installation of Advertising Devices Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 294KB) Online Version
Non-Commercial Regulated Activities on Local Government Controlled Areas and Road Approval Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 1MB) Online Version
Parking Permit Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 398KB)
Online Version
Street Performing Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 1MB) Online Version
LDMG Member Status Report PDF Version(PDF, 292KB)  
RADF Committee Nomination Form PDF Version(PDF, 349KB) Online Version
Australia Day Awards 2024 Nomination Form PDF Version(PDF, 7MB) Online Version
Change of Postal Address Form PDF Version(PDF, 254KB)
Online Version
Community Banner Pole Booking Form PDF Version(PDF, 2MB)
Online Version
Disaster Preparedness Mailing List Sign Up Form PDF Version(PDF, 226KB) Online Version
Trailer Hire Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 473KB) Online Version 
Vandalism Reward Claim Form PDF Version(PDF, 219KB)
Online Version
Works in Parks and Public Areas Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 454KB)
Online Version
 Personal Appearance Services    
Personal Appearance Service Licence Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 407KB)
Online Version
Personal Appearance Service Licence Amendment and Transfer Form PDF Version(PDF, 398KB)
 Pest Management    
Diesel Weed Knapsack Hire Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 333KB) Online Version
Suspected Invasive Plant Form PDF Version(PDF, 254KB)
Online Version
Weed Spray Unit/Splatter Gun Hire Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 325KB)
Online Version
Entry onto Council Property Indemnity Form PDF Version(PDF, 240KB)  
Improvement Works on a Lease Site Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 166KB)  
Lease/Licence Renewal Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 127KB)  
Lease/Licence Waiting List Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 157KB)  
Leasing Committee Member Update Form - Clubs PDF Version(PDF, 219KB)  
Leasing Contact Details Update Form - Other than Clubs PDF Version(PDF, 192KB)  
Property Owners Details Request Form 2023-2024 PDF Version(PDF, 305KB) Online Version
Property Search Form 2023-2024 PDF Version(PDF, 483KB) Online Version
 Rates and Financial    
CBD Commercial Property Rates Concession Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 319KB)
Online Version
Debtor Credit Account Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 265KB)
Online Version
Direct Debit Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 486KB)
Online Version
Owner-Occupied Rating Category Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 262KB)
Online Version
Pensioner Concession for Rates Form - Council and State Government Schemes PDF Version(PDF, 285KB)
Rate Notice/s and Statement of Charges Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 260KB)
Online Version
Rates Relief (Hardship) Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 498KB)  
Rates/Water Refund Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 235KB)
Online Version
Rating Category Objection Form PDF Version(PDF, 259KB)
Online Version
Third Party Authority Form - Rates and Water Accounts PDF Version(PDF, 266KB)
Online Version
Waste Charges Rebate Form PDF Version(PDF, 298KB)
 Residential Services    
Building Compliance Notice Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 331KB)
Online Version
 Roads and Infrastructure    
Civil Operations Customer Satisfaction Survey PDF Version(PDF, 124KB)
Controlled Burn Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 489KB)
Online Version
Extractive Industry Road Maintenance Levy Form   PDF Version(PDF, 237KB)  
Gates and Grids Application Form  PDF Version(PDF, 1MB)  Online Version 
Gates and Grids Cancellation or Transfer Form PDF Version(PDF, 926KB) 
Impounded Vehicle Release Form PDF Version(PDF, 278KB) 
Road Infrastructure Private Works Application Form  PDF Version(PDF, 254KB)  Online Version 
Road Reserve Works Permit Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 343KB) 
Online Version  
Roadside Memorial Notification Form PDF Version(PDF, 304KB)  Online Version 
Link to Non-Council Forms       
Rockhampton Museum of Art    
Artist Portfolio Submission Form  PDF Version(PDF, 315KB) Online Version
Exhibition Proposal Submission Form  PDF Version(PDF, 519KB) Online Version
Rockhampton Museum of Art Shop Supplier Call Out Form PDF Version(PDF, 315KB) Online Version
Rockhampton Museum of Art Artist Educator Expression of Interest Form PDF Version(PDF, 321KB) Online Version
Rockhampton Museum of Art Bus Booking Form PDF Version(PDF, 319KB) Online Version
Rockhampton Museum of Art Monetary Donation Form PDF Version(PDF, 319KB) Online Version
Rockhampton Museum of Art Program Booking Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 153KB) Online Version

Household Sustainability in Action Photo Competition Entry Form PDF Version(PDF, 554KB)   Online Version 
Schools Sustainability in Action Photo Competition Entry Form PDF Version(PDF, 487KB) Online Version
 Venues and Events    
Access to Electrical Outlet Power Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 253KB)
Online Version
Casual and Courtesy Access to Park Reserve Land Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 456KB) Online Version
Community Centre Booking Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 1MB)
Online Version
Costume Team Expression of Interest Form - Grease PDF Version(PDF, 219KB) Online Version
Fitzroy River Rowing Course Installation Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 225KB)
Online Version
Fitzroy Room Booking Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 685KB)
Online Version
Heritage Village Donation Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 222KB) Online Version
Heritage Village Events - Market Stall Site Booking Form PDF Version(PDF, 425KB)  
Heritage Village Venue Booking Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 418KB)  
Heritage Village Object Loan Agreement Form PDF Version(PDF, 477KB)
Online Version
List of Food Vendors/Stall Holders Form PDF Version(PDF, 259KB)
Public Place Venue Lost Property Form PDF Version(PDF, 121KB) Online Version
Portable Water Station Hire Request Form PDF Version(PDF, 966KB)  
Rockhampton Agricultural Show Donation / Sponsorship Form PDF Version(PDF, 223KB)  
Temporary Event on Local Government Controlled Area/Road Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 756KB)
Online Version
Temporary Entertainment Event on Private Land Application Form PDF Version(PDF, 334KB)
Online Version
Wedding and Ceremony Booking Form PDF Version(PDF, 537KB)
Online Version

 Waste and Recycling    
Wheelie Bin Collection Services Form PDF Version(PDF, 236KB)
Online Version

Non-Council Forms

Development, Building and Plumbing

Please access Forms, Fact Sheets and FAQ’s relating to Development, Building and Plumbing here

Excess Mass and Excess Dimension Traffic
Vehicles that require this must lodge an application with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.