Animal Management - De-Sexing Voucher Policy(PDF, 214KB)
Animal Management - Impounded Cats and Dogs Registration and Microchipping Policy(PDF, 222KB)
Animal Management - Surrendered and Unclaimed Animals Policy(PDF, 213KB)
Arts and Cultural Policy(PDF, 53KB)
Blue Card Policy(PDF, 54KB)
Blue Card Procedure(PDF, 77KB)
Cemeteries Policy(PDF, 67KB)
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Policy(PDF, 52KB)
Community Engagement Policy(PDF, 61KB)
Community Engagement Procedure(PDF, 116KB)
Community Grants and Minor Sponsorship Policy(PDF, 208KB)
Community Grants and Minor Sponsorship Procedure - Community Assistance Program(PDF, 268KB)
Councillor's Discretionary Fund Policy(PDF, 200KB)
CQ Home Assist Secure Police Certificate Policy(PDF, 65KB)
CQ Home Assist Secure Police Certificate Procedure(PDF, 57KB)
CQ Home Assist Secure Service Delivery Policy(PDF, 57KB)
CQ Home Assist Secure Service Delivery Procedure(PDF, 66KB)
Disaster Management Policy(PDF, 245KB)
Equitable Access Policy(PDF, 48KB)
Fire Fighting and Emergency Assistance Policy(PDF, 199KB)
Footpath Dining Policy(PDF, 208KB)
Gates and Grids Policy(PDF, 241KB)
Housing Construction Grant Policy(PDF, 238KB)
Infringement Notice Policy(PDF, 228KB)
Infringement Notice Procedure(PDF, 324KB)
Library Exclusion and Banning Procedure(PDF, 259KB)
Library Policy(PDF, 191KB)
Library Membership Procedure(PDF, 209KB)
Loan/Loans Guarantees to Community Organisations Policy(PDF, 209KB)
Major Sponsorship Policy(PDF, 47KB)
Major Sponsorship Procedure(PDF, 56KB)
Smart Technology Rockhampton CBD and Riverbank Policy(PDF, 222KB)
Street Performing Policy(PDF, 212KB)
Volunteer Policy(PDF, 39KB)
Volunteer Procedure(PDF, 70KB)