Investment and Business

The rich history of Rockhampton is largely a story of resourceful and ingenious investors who turned potential into profit.  The story continues today, with the region continuously adapting and evolving its industries to fit the economic drivers of the modern world. 

Fortuitous natural assets including strategic location, resources, land suitability and water security are bolstered by multiple secure industries and infrastructure that support continued growth.  Combined with a growing population, these assets cement the Rockhampton Region for significant growth and investment opportunities. 

The time to invest in this region is now:

  • the strategic benefits of the region have been identified by all tiers of government
  • Significant new developments in the public and private sector are underway, bucking the trend for regional Australia
  • Australia’s most secure water supply can support population growth of 33 per cent in the coming 21 years and agricultural investment of at least $5 billion in intensive and broadacre agricultural production
  • Employment possibilities are supported by a rich and diverse lifestyle, health, sport and education facilities
  • Industry diversity provides a robust and secure economy more protected from economic downturns than other regional areas

The Rockhampton Regional Council is committed to supporting business development, providing investment support through our Regional Development department, successfully lobbying state and federal government for key infrastructure projects and offering developers competitive incentives in both the CBD and industrial zones.