Gracemere Industrial Area

Gracemere Industrial Area

The Gracemere Industrial Area (GIA) is growing into one of Queensland’s premier transport and logistics hubs, which will be of particular benefit to Central Queensland’s mining and agricultural industries. GIA is located 10km west of Rockhampton and is bounded to the north by the Capricorn Highway and Blackwater rail line.  It is positioned between the townships of Gracemere and Stanwell. 

The GIA has positioned itself to specialise in developments from the following sectors:

  • Mining, gas and energy
  • Transport
  • Freight and logistics
  • Agriculture and food processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction.

Industry Zones

Development of industrial land is staged to match planned infrastructure provision, and is staged generally from east to west. Industrial land is designed, and remains available, for the following intended industrial uses. View the Gracemere Industrial Area zone map(PDF, 1MB).

Low Impact Industry

Typically lower order industry that usually operate during normal business hours. The following land use types may have potential to develop in the Low Impact Industry Zone:

  • Bulk Store
  • Landscape Supplies
  • Transport Terminal
  • Vehicle Depot
  • Warehouse
  • Repairing motor vehicles
  • Fitting and turning workshop.

Medium Impact Industry

May operate over extended hours.  Importantly, the primary aspects of the use are undertaken indoors to minimise noise, odour and air emissions. The following land use types may have potential to develop in the Medium Impact Industry Zone:

  • Spray painting and surface coating
  • Transport depot
  • Wooden and laminated product manufacturing (including cabinet making, joining, timber truss making or wood working).

 High Impact Industry

Land uses that are likely to require operation over extended hours (24 hour operation) or which might have increased risk of offsite impacts might locate in this precinct. The following land use types may have potential to develop in the High Impact Industry Zone:

  • Abattoirs
  • Concrete batching plant
  • Boiler making
  • Engineering and metal foundry.