Do I need planning approval?

A development application may be required depending upon what ‘level of assessment’ is identified in the Planning Scheme. The level of assessment varies according to the type, location and scale of development. You can check the planning rules for your property through Council's online planning portal Rock e Plan.

The levels of assessment under the Planning Act 2016 are:

Accepted development

A development application is not required and there are no applicable planning codes or standards that the development must meet.

Accepted development, subject to requirements

A development application is not required, but the use and works associated with the proposal must comply with the acceptable solutions (minimum standards) of any relevant codes under the Planning Scheme. If the development can not comply with the acceptable solutions, it becomes assessable development.

Assessable development (requires a development application)

A development application is required before undertaking any new use of, or works, on the site. Assessable development means that the development proposal needs to be checked against the requirements of the Planning Scheme to ensure that development occurs in appropriate locations and in a manner that aligns with the requirements for the area as a whole.

Assessable development includes:

  • Code assessable development: The application is assessed against the applicable Planning Scheme codes and any relevant State planning matters.  It does not require public notification.
  • Impact assessable development: The application involves a broader assessment including all Planning Scheme codes and provisions and any relevant State planning matters.  It requires public notification for either 15 or 30 business days.

A development application for planning approval is only required when proposed development is classified as ‘assessable development’.   

Planning requirements deal with broader matters than those addressed by building approval however in most cases a building application is also required.

Speak with a Duty Planner

When planning a development, clearly identify what you would like to do and make a free appointment to speak to a Duty Planner. The Duty Planner will be able to assist with general advice about which Council development provisions apply to your proposal and answer questions you may have about the development process.  The Duty Planner can provide general information on the following:

  • Site specific Planning Scheme information, such as zoning, code requirements and site constraints
  • Examples of the type of developments that are appropriate on a parcel of land
  • Application fees and infrastructure charges calculations
  • How the development assessment process will work
  • The type of development application you may require for certain developments.
  • Documentation required to lodge a development application.

The Duty Planner is located at the Development Advice Centre on Level 2 of the Walter Reid Cultural Centre and is available between the hours of 9.00am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday.  To book an appointment, contact Council on (07) 4936 8099 or alternatively, email the Duty Planner on

For more information refer to the Queensland Government's Queensland Planning System website.