City Child Care Nursery

The Nursery Room offers a range of stimulating experiences to foster the development of each child.

What to bring

All children will need the following items, regardless of the rooms they start in:

  • Sheets
  • A clearly named water bottle
  • Clearly named lunch box
  • A hat  - bucket hat or legionnaires (NO CAPS) 
  • A family photo
  • Please apply sunscreen before your child goes outside in the morning

Nursery requirements

  • Any special comforter or blanket that your child may need to sleep.
  • Nappies to last the day – you may choose to bring either cloth nappies or disposable nappies, however if you choose to bring cloth, please supply a bucket with a lid in which to place the used nappies.  Our educator will rinse nappies but we do not wash nappies.
  • All food and drink that your child will consume for the day.  It is a good idea to pack a little extra as children may eat more here than at home. Watching other people eat tends to stimulate children’s appetites. If your child requires bottles, please ensure you have packed at least one, along with their tin of formula or breast milk.  
  • Spare clothes (three sets, clearly named). Educators will change children when necessary. 
  • Bath wash for your child (clearly named).