Creek Flood Studies and Maps

Council’s Flood Studies provide an indication of how our creeks and local catchments may respond during rainfall and storm events. Flood modelling is used to estimate:

  • The inundation extents of the areas that may be flooded
  • The peak depths of flood waters and
  • The flood hazard related to the depth of water and/or how quickly the water flows (velocity).

Flood Studies form the initial ‘flood investigation’ step outlined in Council's Flood Management Strategy.(PDF, 23MB) Information from the Flood Studies is used to provide input to Council’s Planning Scheme and future land use plans, and is also used to assist with Council’s flood emergency planning.

Flood information specific to your property can be obtained by requesting a Flood Records search from Council.

Creek catchments were modelled in our area for the first time in 2014.  Since then, Council has updated the flood studies to reflect additional information such as data from recent flood and storm events, as well as changes to the terrain due to new development in the catchment. Council’s flood models will be further refined over time as additional information becomes available.

Council’s most recent Creek catchment and local catchment studies can be found at the link below. These flood studies have been endorsed as Draft by Council and are currently undergoing community consultation.

View the full Local Creek Catchment (draft) 2017/2018 Flood Studies below:

Frenchmans and Thozets Creek Flood Study(PDF, 47MB)
Frenchmans and Thozets Creek Flood Mapping(PDF, 61MB)
Limestone Creek Flood Study(PDF, 12MB)
Limestone Creek Flood Mapping(PDF, 39MB)
Moores Creek Flood Study(PDF, 38MB)
Moores Creek Flood Mapping(PDF, 54MB)
Mt Morgan Local Catchment Flood Study(PDF, 46MB)
Mt Morgan local Catchment Flood Mapping(PDF, 62MB)
Ramsay Creek Flood Study(PDF, 15MB)
Ramsay Creek Flood Mapping(PDF, 37MB)
South Rockhampton Local Catchment Flood Study(PDF, 32MB)
South Rockhampton Local Catchment Flood Mapping(PDF, 62MB)
Splitters Creek Flood Study(PDF, 19MB)
Splitters Creek Flood Mapping(PDF, 35MB)
West Rockhampton Local Catchment Flood Study(PDF, 26MB)
West Rockhampton Local Catchment Flood Mapping(PDF, 100MB)

Click on link to view the full Local Creek Catchment Flood Studies 2014

Click on link to view the 100 Year ARI Maps for each study

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