Riverine Flood Studies and Maps

Flood Studies model how catchments are expected to respond during varying intensities and durations of rainfall events. Flood modelling is used to estimate:

  • The inundation extents of the areas that may be flooded
  • The peak depths of flood waters and
  • The hazard related to the depth of water or how quickly the water flows (velocity).

Flood Studies form the initial ‘flood investigation’ step outlined in Council’s Flood Management Strategy(PDF, 23MB). Flood Studies provide input into Council Planning Schemes, assists with future land use plans, and be used to assist with Council’s emergency planning. Flood Studies are used when a Flood Records search is requested from Council, usually when purchasing a property.

The Fitzroy River catchment, due to its immense size and shape (143,000km2), is capable of producing severe flooding following heavy rainfall events. A number of extensive riverine flood studies have been undertaken for the Fitzroy River looking at the impacts of flooding and possible mitigation measures for the Rockhampton Region.

2019 Fitzroy River Flood Modelling

Council completed updated regional flood modelling for the Fitzroy River, as part of the 2019 Fitzroy River Baseline Model Update Report RevA(PDF, 12MB). The updated flood mapping has been incorporated in the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme Major Amendment Version 4.4 effective as of 25 October 2023 and can be viewed here.

Alternatively, please contact Council’s Floodplain Management team on 1300 22 55 77 or email enquiries@rrc.qld.gov.au for more details.

2014 Fitzroy River Flood Modelling

2014 Fitzroy River Flood Modeling(PDF, 16MB)

2011 Fitzroy River Flood Study

2011 Flood Study Report (15mb)(PDF, 16MB) 
2011 Flood Study Report A3 Mapping (50mb)(PDF, 50MB)

2011 Fitzroy River Floodplain and Road Planning Study

FRFRPS Executive Summary(PDF, 3MB) 

Rockhampton Flood Management Study 1992

RFMS Phase 1 Report  Volume 1(PDF, 5MB)
RFMS Phase 1 Report Volume 2 Report(PDF, 41MB) (42mb)
RFMS Phase 1 Report Volume 3 Appendices(PDF, 20MB)  (20mb)
RFMS Phase 2 Report Volume 1(PDF, 7MB)
RFMS Phase 2 Report Volume 2 (20mb)(PDF, 20MB)
RFMS Phase 2 Report Volume 3 (10mb)(PDF, 10MB)
Rockhampton Flood Management Study Summary of Recommendations Nov 1992(PDF, 13MB)

Share your Flood information - Email your personal flood experience, stories and photos to Infrastructureplanning@rrc.qld.gov.au