Environmental Sustainability Strategy

We know the future isn't just somewhere we are going... it's something we're creating.

At its heart, environmental sustainability is about taking care of the environment so that our environment can continue to take care of us, both now and indefinitely into the future.

The Environmental Sustainability Strategy provides a vision, shared objectives and pathways to advance sustainability across our Region. It also outlines the actions required for Council to integrate sustainable practices into its operations, as well as its community programs and services. Realising this vision requires Council to work in partnership with the community, private sector and other levels of government to ensure that we continue to protect and enhance our environment for current and future generations.

This Strategy delivers on our vision for a sustainable future through four interconnected pathways. Together the pathways help guide our approach to protect our natural environment, empower our community to live more sustainably, enhance the liveability of our Region, ensure that we use our resources more wisely and much more. The pathways identified in the Strategy are supported by a range of strategic actions that Council is leading. 

View Council's Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2018-2022, adopted by Council in 2018.

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