Our Philosophy

Child Care Centre toddlers reading

City Child Care Centre are committed to providing flexible and high quality care based on the principles outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework and underpinned by the following values:

Collaborative partnerships | We believe in strong partnerships between families and early childhood educators, recognising families as the children’s first and most influential teachers, and the benefits of working collaboratively to achieve greater learning outcomes for the children.

Holistic approach | We will take a holistic approach to teaching, paying attention to children’s physical, personal, social and emotional wellbeing as well as cognitive learning aspects.

Inclusiveness and respect for diversity | We respect the practices and beliefs of families and provide services that recognise diversity and are inclusive of all abilities.

Learning and reflection | We will reflect on our daily practices to ensure all children within the centre experience ongoing learning.

Discovering and creating | We believe that play provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create and imagine in all environments.

Respectful, secure and reciprocal relationships | We will positively interact with children in their learning to ensure they develop a strong sense of wellbeing, are respectful with all relationships and are able to interact and engage with individuals of all ages. 

Environment | We will provide a safe, caring and welcoming learning environment that encourages positive development. 

Nurture | We believe that through a nurturing environment you gain a sense of belonging, allowing you to be who you are and develop into who you want to be. 

These values are the basis of the City Child Care Centre philosophy of providing quality early childhood education and care.