Local Law 1 (Administration) 2011

Did you know?

Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2011(PDF, 466KB) provides a legal and procedural framework for the administration, implementation and enforcement of the Local Laws; review of decisions made under the Local Laws; and authorised persons with specified regulatory powers under legislation.

Did you know an authorised person is appointed by the Chief Executive Officer, as a qualified person that has the competencies necessary to perform the duties that are required under the Local Laws?

This Local Law sets out Council’s discretion in granting approvals for prescribed activities in regards to applications and fees; conditions and compliance; renewing, transferring, amending, suspending or cancelling approvals.

Did you know a prescribed activity is an activity for which the Local Government Act authorises Council to grant or refuse an approval?

The prescribed activities covered by the Subordinate Local Laws are those that have the most impact on our community and its liveability:

  • Alteration or improvement to local government controlled areas and roads
  • Commercial use of local government controlled areas and roads
  • Establishment or occupation of temporary homes
  • Installation of advertising devices
  • Keeping of animals
  • Operation of camping grounds
  • Operation of cane railways
  • Operation of caravan parks
  • Operation of cemeteries
  • Operation public swimming pools
  • Operation of shared facility accommodation
  • Operation of temporary entertainment events
  • Undertaking regulated activities regarding human remains
  • Undertaking regulated activities on local government controlled areas and roads
  • Parking contrary to an indication on an official traffic sign regulating parking by time or payment of a fee
  • Carrying out works on a road or interfering with a road or its operation
  • Use of a vehicle on an airside area

Under the Subordinate Local Laws the installation of advertising signs, operation of camping grounds, caravan parks, shared facility accommodation; cane railways and public swimming pools do not require an approval.  However these still may need approvals under Planning Schemes and State Government Legislation.

Full details are available in Local Law No 1 (Administration) 2011 and the associated Subordinate Local Laws.

New Local Laws – A consistent approach for our community

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