Floodplain Management

Floodplain Management

A flood is an overflow of water that covers land that is usually dry.

There are 3 different types of flooding:

  • River flooding caused by widespread, prolonged rainfall over the catchment area

  • Creek flooding caused by significant rainfall resulting in flash flooding

  • Stormwater overland flow flooding during and after heavy rain when water flows across the ground or rises naturally  from underground

The video below provides an overview of flood risk within the Fitzroy Basin:

Fitzroy Region - Understand Your Flood Risk

 We are dedicated to reducing the impact of flooding in our area through building our understanding of flood behaviour and associated risks.

The Flood Management Strategy(PDF, 23MB) details the background of Council’s flood management activities, explains our holistic and integrated flood management approach, and provides an introduction to future flood management objectives. This document outlines how Council intends to work towards improving future flood preparation, response and recovery.

To find out more about flood-related issues in Rockhampton, refer to the following:

  • South Rockhampton Flood Levee - The South Rockhampton Flood Levee has been identified as the most cost effective option to mitigate the effects of flooding in Rockhampton.

  • North Rockhampton Flood Management Area - The flood mitigation measures for the North Rockhampton Flood Management Area (NRFMA) aim to reduce flood risk and improve the flood immunity of a large area of North Rockhampton.

  • Disaster Management – Floods - Floods can occur at any time in Australia and across the Rockhampton Region; however, the period that floods are most likely is between November and April.

  • Flood Insurance information - Understand the different types of floods and other water related events and how they may be covered under your insurance policies. For more information, visit the Insurance Council of Australia web site at http://www.insurancecouncil.com.au/for-consumers.