North Rockhampton Flood Management Area

The flood mitigation measures for the North Rockhampton Flood Management Area (NRFMA) aim to reduce flood risk and improve the flood immunity of a large area of North Rockhampton.

The mitigation measures will provide protection from Fitzroy River flood up to and including the 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) event (9.54m on the Rockhampton Flood Gauge) and will substantially reduce the property impacts and risk of flooding in the protected area.  The Stage 1 mitigation measures are designed to prevent Fitzroy River flood water from backing up and inundating properties however the works will not prevent local catchment flooding from heavy, local rain events that may fall on these areas. 

The NRFMA Project was initiated by Rockhampton Regional Council and is jointly funded by Council and the Queensland Government.  The Flood Management Strategy outlines how Rockhampton Regional Council intends to work towards improving community resilience and better respond to flooding in the future.

Stage 1 completed works include the following:

  • installation of backflow prevention valves on stormwater drains to prevent backup of Fitzroy River floodwaters into areas of the Berserker locality between Queen Elizabeth Drive and Ellis Street,
  • purchase of a temporary flood barrier system to initially be deployed at Ellis and Rodboro Streets to prevent back up of flood waters through Frenchmans Creek and overland flow paths,
  • refurbishment works on the sewerage network to reduce the inflow of flood water and consequently reduce the risk of sewerage surcharge in the areas protected by the backflow prevention devices, and
  • construction of a small levee and associated drainage works along Dowling and Fraser Streets adjacent to Moores Creek and Kershaw Gardens.

View the NRFMA in the Fitzroy River Flood Hazard 1% AEP map(PDF, 2MB) and information about living in the North Rockhampton Flood Management Area(PDF, 15MB).