Social Media

Council’s social media accounts aims to inform you and keep you updated on Council news, projects, initiatives and events happening within our Region.

We monitor our sites during business hours:
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm AEST. Excluding public holidays.

An approved Council staff member will endeavour to respond to requests as soon as possible.

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We do not consider any of our responses via social media as a formal response. If you wish to make a formal complaint to Council we encourage you to contact Customer Service on 07 4932 9000 or 1300 22 55 77 between Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm AEST.

If you require an official source of information on Rockhampton Regional Council please visit our website

Council’s Facebook page is an open forum and we want people to enjoy the information we provide. We ask that you please adhere to our guidelines:

Do not:

  • Spam - This means you are not to repost other people's offers, appeals or requests on our site. Any items considered to be spam will be removed from the site. It is also important to note that if you see something offensive on Facebook, please report it to Facebook, do not link it to our page.
  • Harass – Do not harass, abuse or make personal attacks against other users. Please be respectful of others and their opinions.
  • Swear – Any comments containing offensive language, swear words, defamatory comments or threats will be removed.
  • Do not repeat comments continuously.
  • Do not post links to any non-government page. This includes commercial interests, solicitations, advertisements or endorsements of any non-governmental agency.
  • Do not discuss individual Council employees. In order to respect the privacy of Council employees we do not condone the discussion regarding individual employees on our page. If you have a concern about an employee please contact Customer Service on 07 4932 9000 or 1300 22 55 77.

Comments of this nature will be deleted and if you repeatedly breach these guidelines you may be banned from our page. 

Council will collect your profile name for the purposes of logging your complaint or enquiry that you have made through Facebook. Your correspondence will be recorded and provided to Customer Service. For the purpose of submitting an enquiry, we may ask you to provide your address and telephone number through a private message. If you do not wish to release your personal contact details through a private message please contact Customer Service on 07 4932 9000 or 1300 22 55 77.

Do not post any personal information such as phone numbers, home or email addresses. Content posted to our wall containing such information will be removed.

For further information on Privacy Policies please refer to:

Facebook Privacy Policy

Twitter Privacy Policy

YouTube Privacy Policy  

Council does not accept requests to promote material for individual companies or organisations. We will, however, sometimes support local or national campaigns.