Planning Studies

Planning Assumptions Report

The Planning Assumptions Report is a set of land use and forecast growth assumptions for the Rockhampton Regional Council local government area.  It is based on the outcomes of a detailed allotment based Planning Assumptions Model. This report was updated in early 2013 to inform the preparation of the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme. It is important to note that detail differs between the report and the Rockhampton Region Planning Scheme as a result of policy development, the new State Planning Policy and changes in response to State Interest Review recommendations that occurred in the intervening period.

View the Planning Assumptions Report(PDF, 3MB)

Planning Studies

Planning Studies and their recommendations are key inputs for development planning for our Region.  However they do not necessarily represent the final policy of Council as there are other relevant inputs such as community feedback and Council strategies to also consider.

Economic Development and Employment Study(PDF, 4MB)
Heritage and Character Study(PDF, 3MB)    
Industrial Land Use Study (PDF, 12MB)
Natural Environment Study(PDF, 15MB)
Natural Hazards and Climate Change Study(PDF, 12MB)
Rural Lands Study(PDF, 65MB)
Population and Residential Study (PDF, 2MB)  
Population and Residential Study Appendices(PDF, 2MB)
Commercial Centres Study(PDF, 4MB)
Commercial Centres Study Appendix A(PDF, 719KB)
Centres Study Appendix B(PDF, 114KB)
Commercial Centre Study Appendix C(PDF, 231KB)