Council has undertaken a number of streetscaping projects to upgrade town centers in Rockhampton, Gracemere and Mount Morgan. As well as the CBD and town centres, Council maintains vegetated median strips and street reserves throughout our Region.   

Well-designed streetscapes incorporate environmental sustainability, social sustainability, neighbourhood character and positive aesthetics to drive increased useability and improved perceptions of safety. One of the greatest single improvements that can be made to public spaces is the implementation of extensive street tree planting. 

Streetscapes create the look and feel for a city and offer many benefits to the urban environment including: 

• Calming traffic and increasing accessibility; 

• Improved air quality; 

• Improved physical health and well-being of the community including demonstrated lowering of stress and anxiety of residents and the wider community; 

• Increased walkability by providing shade and shelter; 

• Improved amenity and visual appearance; 

• Increased perception of safety and reducing antisocial behaviours such as vandalism and graffiti; 

• Improved opportunity for social and economic activity; 

• Increased property values; 

• Increased tourism and business opportunities; 

• Protection from wind and more extreme weather events; 

• Providing habitat for native flora and fauna; 

• Delivering summertime cooling thereby reducing energy needs and potential health issues resulting from exposure to heat; 

• Reduced urban heat island effect and UV exposure; 

If you notice median strips or irrigation damage in need of maintenance, please contact Council on (07) 4932 9000 so that our team can respond.