Council Management

Executive Structure

The Chief Executive Officer, Mr Evan Pardon, was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for Rockhampton Regional Council and commenced this role on 27 April 2010.

The Executive Structure(PDF, 109KB) includes four departments - Office of the CEO including Advance Rockhampton, Corporate Services, Community Services and Regional Services.

Strategic Direction

Rockhampton Regional Council has produced a Corporate Plan and Operational Plan  to guide the strategic direction of the organisation and defines the strategies and programs that Council aims to deliver, as identified through community engagement processes. It allows Council to respond effectively to key regional and local issues identified for the region and Council as an organisation.

Council Mission and Values

Council's Mission is to create a Region that our community values and others admire with a set of Corporate Values(PDF, 3MB) which will guide how Council services the community.

Customer Service Charter

The Customer Service Charter(PDF, 418KB)  ensures Council is committed to service excellence and monitors its service delivery within set timeframes.