Landfill and Waste Facilities

Waste Facilities MapRockhampton Region has one landfill and seven waste facilities that are open to the public for the purpose of waste disposal and depositing recycling. Council offers residents recycling disposal at all facilities, all year round.

All our waste facilities operate as usual during holiday periods, except Christmas Day. Check opening hours of each facility below.

General site information and disposal fees and charges fact sheet available.(PDF, 286KB)

Accepted Items Fact Sheet - What can I dispose of and where?(PDF, 822KB)

Waste from all Council's operations including kerbside bin services, transported general waste from the regional waste facilities and most local commercial general waste services across the region are disposed of at our landfill, and commercial and domestic customers use the facility to dispose of waste. The landfill is scientifically engineered to contain and prevent environmental contamination. This is why it is important to ensure waste is diverted to the correct management systems to ensure resource recovery is optimised and contamination and waste to landfill is managed correctly and reduced at every opportunity.

Fees and Charges

View the complete Fees and Charges schedule for Rockhampton Regional Council including waste disposal or refer to the Waste Facilities Fact Sheet(PDF, 286KB) for more information. 

Waste Levy

The Queensland Government introduced a levy on waste going to landfill which commenced 1 July 2019 to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and to increase recycling and resource recovery. The Queensland Government provides advanced payments to local councils to offset the levy on household waste going to landfill however these payments are set to be significantly reduced over the next 10 years. Businesses and residents are encouraged to look at how they can reduce waste, separate waste streams and recycle more to help reduce waste disposal costs.

For free tailored advice on reducing business waste, energy and water, visit ecoBiz ( 

The Queensland Government provides exemption for certain charitable recycling entities that meet an eligibility criteria. The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisation (NACRO) is managing this exemption process, to find out more view the information sheet here or visit their website.

For more information on the waste levy, go to the Queensland Government website (, or view fact sheet here or view flyer here. Alternatively, you can phone; 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or email;

Top tips to reduce waste disposal costs

By encouraging reuse, recycling and resource recovery at home and in your business, you can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Reducing your waste can save you money, and benefit the environment.

Everybody can reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill. Separate your general waste from recyclables and you will save! By using the Community Recycling Centre before disposing in landfill, you can save money on disposal fees. Free disposal of many recyclable items is available to residents of the Rockhampton Region. Disposal by customers from outside the Region may not be accepted (with exception to the Paintback program which accepts materials from any Central Queensland residents regardless of which Council area.)

Here are some handy tips to reduce your disposal costs. Drop off options vary between waste facilities so if you are unsure, ask a friendly staff member or check on the Waste Facilities page.

Tip 1 - Use the free recycling drop off area

Check with staff before dropping off the following items for free:

  • Commingled recyclables (glass bottles, cans, plastic containers, paper)
  • Bulk cardboard
  • Paint (architectural paint, undercoats, deck coatings, stains, varnishes)
  • Domestic cooking or motor oils (20L quantity or less)
  • Fire extinguishers (water, CO2 and powder only)
  • Flares and EPIRBs
  • Glass bottles and cylinders
  • Vehicle batteries (lead acid)
  • E-waste: Desktop & laptop computers, monitors, keyboard, cables, drives, printers, scanners and televisions
  • drumMUSTER approved clean Ag and Vet chemical containers


Tip 2 - Donate your pre-loved household items

Good condition pre-loved household items can be dropped off for free & bought at bargain prices at Reviva Ibis, the reuse shop, at the Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility or Megz reuse shops at Gracemere and Mount Morgan Waste Transfer Stations. 

Items include: clothing, gym equipment, kitchenware, furniture, tools, building supplies, gardening or boating supplies, refurbished computers, children’s toys & bicycles, books & DVDs, lawn mowers.

Acceptance is at the discretion of staff.


Tip 3 - Use the FREE scrap metal area

Drop off small scrap light metal items in the Recycling Area or large items in the Metal Resource Recovery Area - ask staff onsite which is preferred.


Scrap light metal that can be dropped off for free includes: stoves, microwaves, fence panels, roller doors, metal offcuts, car parts (no oil), furniture frames, roof sheeting etc. A small fee applies for some white goods, including fridges, freezers and air conditioners.

Tip 4 - Separate your green waste

Clean loads of green waste (hedge trimmings, branches, palm fronds, tree trunks & stumps, leaf litter, lawn clippings) can be disposed of at a much lower rate than general waste. Green waste is accepted at all waste facilities.

Council conducts inspections of all incoming Green Waste loads. Customers identified as attempting to dispose general waste (including timber) within a Green Waste load may be charged at a general waste rate for the entire load.


Tip 5 - Use the FREE E-waste drop off

Available at Lakes Creek Road and Gracemere Waste Management Facilities.

E-waste includes:

  • Desk top and laptop computers
  • Monitors
  • Mice and Keyboards
  • Cables
  • Drives
  • Printers, Scanners, Photocopiers 
  • Televisions

Council is a collection point for TechCollect

Tip 6 - Label your bins so everyone can separate to save!