Recycling Right

Where does your recycling go?

The recycling truck empties your yellow lid wheelie bin each fortnight and takes your recyclables to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) located right here in Parkhurst, Rockhampton.  Check out the video below to find out how your recyclables are sorted at the MRF.

Set up your household bins to separate waste and recycling easily

Make it easy for everyone at home to; sort it, clean it, crush it, at the kitchen sink, so you're not juggling at the wheelie bins! Download these designs to make labels for your bins at home:

Download a copy of our comprehensive list of common household items and how to correctly dispose of them - hang it in your pantry for easy reference!
Household Waste and Recycling Pantry Reference Card(PDF, 4MB)

Community Recycling Hero Program - free guided site tour or guest speaker

To learn about local waste management, primary and high school teachers plus community groups within the Rockhampton Region can request a guest speaker or Waste Management Facility site tour - please provide us with your curriculum topic or assessment questions beforehand (Year 4 is highly recommended). Suggested Australian Curriculum links to waste education(PDF, 212KB).

The Education Officer will talk to students about waste types and what goes in which bin, how the kerbside wheelie bin collection service works and what waste management facilities are available throughout the region. Recyclables are a key message, video footage of the local Materials Recovery Facility is used to explain how recyclables are sorted locally and why we need to improve their quality through reducing contamination. 

Site tours are available of the Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility, which includes a visit to the Trendy Trash store and use of the Education Centre on site. Transport to and from the facility is arranged by the school.

Read this Factsheet for additional site tour information(PDF, 165KB)

To request a site tour or guest speaker, fill in the Waste and Recycling Education Presentation Request Form and email to

Please note all bookings are subject to changes in weather, availability of staff and on site operations.

Follow the adventures of the Recycling Heroes below and how they recycle right to avoid contamination!