Recycling Right

Where does the contents from your yellow lid bin go?

Watch the video to see what happens to your recyclables from the yellow lid bin.

In 2019, the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in this video, which was located at Parkhurst and contracted to Rockhampton Regional Council and other surrounding councils, was destroyed by fire caused by the disposal of hazardous waste (batteries!!).

Since then, kerbside recycling collection trucks have been unloading at Lakes Creek Road Waste Management Facility. From there, the recovered materials are loaded into bulk haul semi-trailers and transported to MRFs outside our region for processing.

As of 18 October 2022, Rockhampton Regional Council, on behalf Livingstone Shire Council, Gladstone Regional Council, Central Highlands Regional Council and Banana Shire Council (together, the 'Participating Councils'), invited submissions for tender for a regional solution for ‘Recyclables Processing Services’.

Delivery of the services may be from either:

•    a MRF to be constructed within the Region;
•    from an existing MRF(s); or
•    any combination of MRF delivery solutions.

Tenders for this service have now closed (January 2023). An update will be provided once the tender has been awarded (later half of 2023). 

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