Illegal Dumping and Littering


Illegal dumping and littering is a serious issue;

  • polluting our environment,
  • affecting the safe use and enjoyment of our public spaces, 
  • threatening the life of pets and wildlife,
  • introducing pests and weeds in our natural areas,
  • blocking waterways and roads causing flooding,
  • financially costing our community to clean it up.

False declaration of waste type at a waste facility

You are legally required to correctly identify the type of waste you want to dispose of at a waste management facility.
If you are found to be purposefully misleading, for example; calling commercial waste domestic waste or hiding waste that incurs a levy, within waste that does not - this behaviour is actually illegal and can carry heavy fines.

Kerbside dumping

Placing unwanted items on the kerbside and expecting these items will be collected by passers-by or council, when there is no scheduled official kerbside collection, is actually illegal and can carry heavy fines.

Charity bin or op shop dumping

Leaving items on the footpath or outside a charity bin or shop is classed as illegal dumping. These items are left exposed to the weather, are scavenged through and can become a danger to public safety - creating unexpected cost to the charity that was trying to deliver an important community service.


These activities are considered littering and if they are likely to cause harm to a person, property or the environment, tougher penalties apply:

  • leaving items beside an overflowing bin,
  • placing household waste or green waste in a public park bin,
  • material falling off a trailer because it was uncovered or poorly secured,
  • leaving items loose in a public park,
  • throwing a lit cigarette butt into bushland,
  • releasing balloons at a celebration.

See it, Report it, Stop it

If you see someone littering or illegally dumping from a vehicle, vessel or trailer, or if you find piles of dumped waste, you can report it. Use the online Littering and Illegal Dumping Reporting Form or call Rockhampton Regional Council's Customer Service Centre on 07 4932 9000.

For more information on littering and illegal dumping, visit QGOV Waste, dumping and litter webpage.