Significant tree register


Council’s Significant Tree Register aims to recognise, protect, and monitor significant trees within our Region.  

Significant trees may include individual trees or groups of trees and must satisfy one of the following: 

  • Any tree which is of horticultural or genetic value and could be an important source of propagating stock, including specimens that are particularly resistant to disease or exposure. This could include Australian native, locally indigenous or exotic tree species.The tree or trees that occur in a unique location or context, providing a unique contribution to the landscape.
  •  Any tree of a species, or variety, that is rare or is of very localised distribution. This could include a threatened indigenous or endemic species within its locality, end of natural range, disjunct community or a rare exotic specimen.
  • Any tree that is particularly old or vulnerable.
  • The outstanding size of a tree that will relate specifically to the tree species and may vary depending on height, canopy spread or diameter at breast height.
  • The tree is a particularly well-formed example of the species that is in a location that makes it striking to the landscape. The loss of a tree in this category would result in a substantial change to the local landscape.
  • Any tree which exhibits a curious growth form or physical feature such as abnormal outgrowths, natural fusion of branches, severe lightning damage or unusually pruned forms.
  • The tree is of importance in the culture and natural history of the Rockhampton Region. Any tree commemorating a particular occasion, individual or associated with an important historical event may be considered in this category.
  • A tree associated with Aboriginal activities or culture. For example: Scarred or Corroboree Trees.
  • Any tree that is an outstanding example of the species at an international/ national/ state/ regional/ local level or of aesthetic value.
  • Any tree that is likely to predate European development of the area. This puts the trees in the region of 100-200 years old.
  • The tree is observed to have significant hollows for avian fauna or is clearly being used as a major food source for fauna.

Check out a free Significant Trees of Rockhampton self-guided tour available. 

If you are aware of a tree that may be eligible for the Significant Tree Register, you can submit a Significant Tree Register nomination via Council’s Customer Service Centre by calling (07) 4932 9000.