Riverside Playground Amenities and Access

Ramp to Fitzroy Adventure Playground.jpg

In August 2020 two new ramps leading to the Fitzroy Adventure Playground, as well as a new all-abilities amenities block, have made the area even more convenient and enjoyable for families.   

Project scope

Design and construct the following structures:

  • Pathway - an all abilities pathway to all levels of playground
  • Amenities facility that includes three unisex cubicles.  Note: One cubicle will be wheelchair accessible with a baby change station


  • The strategic placement near the CBD Riverside Playground meets community needs.
  • The all-abilities toilet will accommodate the needs of people with disabilities such as those with vision impairment and people using mobility aids.


The project was made possible through $1.09 million in funding from Round 3 of the Works for Queensland program.