Kershaw Gardens Waterfall Improvements

Councillor Rutherford and Councillor Kirkland at the new Kershaw Gardens waterfall platform

Those chasing waterfalls in the Rockhampton Region will find their path lit thanks to the addition of an all-abilities deck, pathways, and lighting at the iconic Kershaw Gardens waterfall in August 2020. 

This deck–along with the new all abilities path leading from the High Street carpark–makes it possible for more people in our community to access and enjoy the serenity of this area, and everyone visiting can now view the wetlands from out over the water.

Project scope

  • 10m x 9m viewing platform at ground level;
  • All abilities circulation pathways;
  • Façade lighting improvements;
  • Pedestrian lighting improvements; and
  • Traffic bollards.


  • Improve the accessibility and quality of the park
  • Finalising the pathway into a complete circuit will improve the experience of casual strollers and families walking from the carpark and around the park