Gavial Creek Bridge

Cr Williams and Cr Wickerson on the new Gavial Creek Bridge.jpg

Project Scope

After 6 months and nearly 2000 tonnes of concrete, a brand new 65 metre bridge now spans Gavial Creek in Port Curtis approximately 10 metres upstream from the original Gavial Creek Bridge. 

The bridge construction involved a reinforced concrete bridge deck, traffic barriers, guard rails, signs, storm water drains and new approach roads on either side of the creek.

Please note the old bridge has come to the end of its life and is planned to be demolished with photographs and trusses to be saved for the historic record.


The replacement of Gavial Creek Bridge will provide a safe and reliable access for the community. This wider, stronger structure has the ability to accommodate loaded B Double trucks which the old bridge was not able to.


This project was fully funded by the Rockhampton Regional Council.