Get Set Up at home and at work

Set up your work or household bins to separate waste and recycling easily

Make it easy for everyone at home to; sort it, clean it, crush it, at the kitchen sink, so you're not juggling at the wheelie bins! 

Download these designs to make labels for your bins at home:

Download a copy of our comprehensive list of common household items and how to correctly dispose of them - hang it in your pantry for easy reference!
Household Waste and Recycling Pantry Reference Card(PDF, 4MB)

Use the free to download labels below so everyone in your workplace knows which bin is for what.

Recyclable items, when separated from general waste, are free or have reduced fees to dispose of at your nearest waste transfer station.

Bulk Cardboard(PDF, 10MB)

Commingled Recycling(PDF, 25MB)

AgVet Empty Chemical Containers(PDF, 9MB)

EPIRBS and Flares(PDF, 28MB)

Gas Bottles and Fire Extinguishers(PDF, 46MB)

Domestic Motor Oil and empty bottles / drums(PDF, 15MB)

Domestic Paint(PDF, 5MB)

Scrap Metal(PDF, 124MB)

Large white goods(PDF, 51MB)

E-waste(PDF, 41MB)

Vehicle Batteries(PDF, 12MB)

Pre-loved items(PDF, 3MB)

Garden Green Waste(PDF, 7MB)

Learn more about what happens to the contents of your yellow lid bin and why it is important to get it right. Check out our Recycling right page

See the fees and charges Waste Facilities Fact Sheet(PDF, 286KB) to  find what you can dispose of for free or at a reduced fee.

Check out our A to Z of Waste Disposal for more info on what you can recycle and where you can take it.