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Queensland Health
Food Standards Australia and New Zealand
Safe Food Queensland
Food Safety Information Council
I'm Alert Food Safety FREE Online Training Program

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Food Business Information

Food Act 2006
Food Safety Standards
Applications for Establishing Food Business Premises(PDF, 434KB)
Food Business Licensee Guide(PDF, 259KB)
Food Business Application Guide(PDF, 192KB)
Fixed Premises Fit-Out Guide(PDF, 1MB)
Mobile Premises Fit-Out Guide(PDF, 786KB)
Temporary Premises Fit-Out Guide(PDF, 567KB)
Home based food businesses
Food Safety Supervisor Fact Sheet
Label Buster - A Guide to the Food Standards Code Labelling Requirements
Know your Business - A Self Assessable Guide to the Food Safety Standards

Food Safety Fact Sheets

Food Safety - Frequently Asked Questions(PDF, 616KB)
BBQ Food Safety(PDF, 3MB)
Food Safety Outdoors (PDF, 1MB)
Food Safety When Eating Out(PDF, 2MB)
Food Safety in Non Profit Organisations
Food Safety for Fundraising Events
Responsibilities of Food Businesses
Responsibilities of Food Handlers
Food Handling Skills and Knowledge
Personal Hygiene for Food Handlers
Cross Contamination
Cleaning and Sanitising
Transporting Food
Receiving Food Safely
Temperature Control Requirements
Thermometers and Using Them
Vertical Roasting Spits
Food Safety for Doggy Bags
Dogs and Outdoor Dining(PDF, 1MB)
Christmas Food Safety(PDF, 2MB)
Food Premises affected by flooding(PDF, 633KB)

Food Newsletter

Food Safety Newsletter 2015(PDF, 596KB)
Food Safety Newsletter Issue 4(PDF, 1MB)
Food Safety Newsletter Issue 5(PDF, 1004KB)
Food Safety Newsletter Issue 6(PDF, 778KB)
Food Safety Newsletter Issue 7(PDF, 778KB)
Food Safety Newsletter Issue 9(PDF, 950KB)
Food Safety Newsletter Issue 10(PDF, 1020KB)
Food Safety Newsletter Issue 11(PDF, 755KB)

(PDF, 1MB)

Food Safety Programs

Food Safety Programs for Caterers
Food Safety Programs for Vulnerable Persons
Choosing an Approved Auditor

Food Business Forms

Food Business Licence Amendment Form(PDF, 426KB)
Food Business Licence Application Form(PDF, 334KB)
Food Business Licence Replacement Form(PDF, 297KB)
Food Safety Program Accreditation and Amendment Form(PDF, 308KB)
Food Safety Supervisor Form(PDF, 324KB)

Translated Food Safety Fact Sheets

Food safety fact sheets available for download in the following languages:

Food Handling Skills and Knowledge - English, Chinese, Filipino/Tagalog, Hindi, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

Food Businesses - Your Responsibilities - English, Chinese, Filipino/Tagalog, Hindi, SpanishThai, Vietnamese

Food Handlers - Your Responsibilities - English, Chinese, Filipino/TagalogHindi , Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

Receiving Food Safely - English, Chinese, Filipino/TagalogHindi, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

Thermometers and Using Them - English, Chinese, Filipino/Tagalog, Hindi, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

Temperature Control Requirements - English, Chinese, Filipino/Tagalog, Hindi, SpanishThai, Vietnamese


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