Food Safety Supervisors

All licensed food businesses are required to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). A FSS is required to take a lead role in supervising food safety in the food business. Apart from holding the required competencies, they must also:

  • Have the ability to supervise food handling practices in the food business
  • Be reasonably available at all times the food business is operating
  • Have the authority to supervise and give instructions to food handlers

Anyone, including the business owner, licence holder and employees can be a FSS provided they meet the required competencies and meet the above criteria. The required competencies for a FSS are listed in Table 1 of the Food Safety Supervisor Fact Sheet and are dependant on the type of food sector as detailed in Table 2. The minimum competencies apply regardless of whether the business has a food safety program.

Food Safety Supervisor

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Licensees are required to notify Council's Environment and Public Health Unit of the details of your FSS within 30 days of the licence being issued. You must also notify the Environment and Public Health Unit of any changes to your FSS or their contact details within 14 days of the change.

To nominate a Food Safety Supervisor with Council, you must submit a fully completed form with supporting documentation.