Non Profit Organisations

The Food Act 2006  (the Act) allows non profit organisations to serve food without requiring a food business licence in most circumstances.

Non profit organisations handling food in the following situations will require a food business licence:

  • Selling meals prepared by organisation at a particular place on 12 or more occasions.
  • Manufacturing and packaging food for sale at a different location e.g. preparing food at main kitchen and selling at markets at a later date.

The definition of a meal is food that:

  1. Is, or intended to be, eaten by a person sitting at a table, or a fixed structure used as a table, with cutlery, and
  2. Is of adequate substance as to be ordinarily accepted as a meal.

Non profit organisations which are not required to hold a food business licence are still obligated to comply with the Act and the Food Safety Standards to ensure that they provide safe and suitable food.

All volunteers that will be handling food should be familiar with the requirements of the Food Safety Standards.