Let's Talk About Local Laws

The "Let’s Talk About Local Laws” program builds an awareness of Council and its role with Year 4 students, particularly in the context of community and what Local Laws are. The learnings link to HASS curriculum. While providing an overview of Local Government, topics discussed throughout the program include: why Council does what it does; our Local Laws; and how we can be a good neighbour.  The program provides practical information about building good relationships.  

The program is offered to schools free of cost. It comprises of an engaging PowerPoint presentation that relates to students while delivering practical information and advice for living in a neighbourhood. Pop questions encourage students to start thinking about what their responsibilities as a resident may be. The presentation is one hour duration that allows time for questions and further discussion with a Local Laws Officer.

Book now for a presentation at your school by phoning Customer Service on 07 4932 9000 or emailing locallawseducation@rrc.qld.gov.au