The Good Neighbour Education Program

"The Good Neighbour” program establishes an awareness of Council and its role with Year 12 students, particularly in the context of community and what Local Laws are. Topics discussed throughout the program include: parking on footpaths and in the neighbourhood; wheelie bin collections and requirements; responsible pet (dog) ownership; and noise and smoke nuisances.  It focusses on what students' responsibilities are when they turn 18 and move out of home to start living independently.  In general, the message is about being a good neighbour. 

The program is offered to schools free of cost. It comprises of an engaging PowerPoint presentation that relates to students while delivering practical information and advice for living in a neighbourhood. A pop quiz encourages students to start thinking about their responsibilities as a resident. The presentation is one hour duration that allows time for questions and further discussion with a Local Laws Officer.

“The program fits very nicely into our own student wellbeing program that aims to give students the skills to be positive members of their community when they leave the school environment,” stated Mr Dan Petersen, Principal, Mount Morgan SHS .