Part of the Pack - "safety around dogs" education program

The Part of the Pack program is a free educational program offered to early childhood centres and kindergartens; primary schools; outside school hours care groups; and vacation care centres.

Presentations are delivered to children/students in their own educational facility environment. Essential safety information is provided to participants about how they are able to reduce the risk of being bitten or attacked by a dog. They are shown what to do if they get scared by a dog.

Learning outcomes

Early Childhood Centres & Kindergartens - Children will know how to stay safe around dogs and what to do when they become fearful of a dog.

Prep-Year/Grade 2 - Learners will know how to approach and be safe around dogs. They will know what to do if confronted by a dog.

Years/Grades 3-4 - Learners will know how to approach and be safe around dogs. They will know what hygiene practices they should observe when handling dogs.

Years/Grades 5-6 - Learners will know how to approach and be safe around dogs. They will know and understand what their responsibilities are when they own pets.

Program content

Kindergartens, Early Learning and Childhood Centres - program focuses on teaching children how to be safe around dogs. It aligns with Quality Area 6 – Collaborative partnerships with families and communities of the National Quality Framework (National Quality Standards).

Primary Schools - program is principally about being safe and healthy around dogs and pets and aligns to aspects of the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education: Personal, Social and Community Health learning area and encourages our young people to be healthy, safe and active. It has been developed in three tiers: Prep to Year 2; Year 3 & 4; and Years 5 & 6. While all presentations will discuss the principles of being safe around dogs, the Years 3 & 4 program includes an additional component around health and hygiene around pets and the Years 5 & 6 program includes an additional component on responsible pet ownership.

Program format options

  • Early learning/childcare group presentation
  • Classroom presentation (*)
  • Cohort presentation (*) 
  • Parade talks for whole of school - series of twelve 5-10 minute presentations

Program delivery - Kindergartens, Early Learning and Childcare Centres

  • Presentation by Education Officer

Program delivery - Primary Schools

  • Presentation by Education Officer, accompanied by Local Laws Officer 
  • A suitably trained and socialised dog will be present with its owner/handler at (*) presentations and selected parade talks
  • Where practical, "Pause, be safe around dogs" rap song video will be shown
  • Activity booklets will be made available at the end of the presentation