Natural Resource Management Program


At its heart, environmental sustainability is about taking care of the environment so that our environment can continue to take care of us, both now and indefinitely into the future.

Across the Region, Council works with a range of local organisations and community groups to help support Council’s social, environmental and economic objectives and deliver on-ground outcomes for the community.

Council’s operational Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program delivers on-ground works to manage and improve the condition of our key natural assets and green corridors. Works include a range of land management, bush regeneration and riparian restoration activities on Council land.

Key delivery partners include:

  • Multicultural Australia,
  • Jobs Queensland,
  • CQUniversity (TAFE students),
  • Capricornia Catchments,
  • Central Queensland Aboriginal Corporation for Cultural Activities,
  • other organisations, such as local NRM bodies and community groups on a project by project basis, and
  • the local community on a workshop or events basis where appropriate.

FY2022-23 project sites include:

  • Parts of the Moores Creek corridor,
  • Parts of the Frenchmans Creek corridor,
  • Nurim (Fraser Park) and First Turkey within the Mount Archer area,
  • Nature reserves at Springers Lagoon, Plover Street and the Duckponds,
  • Yeppen Lagoon,
  • National Tree Day planting sites and
  • Council’s Nursery.

Find out more in the NRM Program - Project Fact Sheet(PDF, 840KB)