Plover Street Reserve - Natural Resource Management


On-ground works are being carried out in the vicinity of the Plover Street Reserve as part of Council's Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program.

Schedule: Intermittent works (commenced August 2020) 

Status: Active 

Delivery partners: CQUniversity, Native Plants Capricornia and Multicultural Australia

Site objectives:

  • Protect significant vegetation (the site is recognised as one of the only local areas containing semi-evergreen vine thicket on a limestone substrate)
  • Enhance biodiversity and site resilience by increasing the vegetated buffer zone around the significant vegetation and reducing the occurrence of invasive weed species
  • Encourage nature-based training and education opportunities

Work activities:

  • Restoration works (weed control, mulching and planting of native species)
  • Routine maintenance (watering, weeding and litter control)
  • Species identification and site monitoring

Find out more about Council's Natural Resource Management Program.



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