Fraser Park (Nurim) - Natural Resource Management


On-ground bush regeneration works are being carried out in partnership with Capricornia Catchments as part of Council's Natural Resource Management Program.

Schedule: Commenced late 2018 - Current

Status: Active - Ongoing bush regeneration works

Delivery partner: Capricornia Catchments

Site objectives:

• Bush regeneration works in and around the site footprint;
• Assist with natural regeneration of native species to increase site resilient;
• Manage weed infestations and litter throughout the area;
• Encourage nature-based recreation and tourism opportunities in our parks and open spaces; and
• Improve environmental amenity and visitor experience.

Work activities:

• Revegetation (weed control, mulching and planting of native species); and
• Routine maintenance (watering, weeding and litter control).

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