Duthie Park - Natural Resource Management


On-ground restoration of the vegetated buffer along the overland flow pathway (lower section) works are being carried out in partnership with as part of Council's Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program.

Schedule: Intermittent works from November 2023 - March 2024 

Status: Active 

Delivery partner: Capricornia Catchments

Site objectives:

  • Restoration works in and around the site footprint;
  • Reduce non-native invasive species;
  • Improve environmental amenity, canopy cover and shade;
  • Increase biodiversity; and
  • Promote continued vegetation cover to stabilise the overland flow path.

Work activities:

• Restoration (weed control, mulching and planting of native species); and
• Routine maintenance (watering, weeding and litter control).

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