Lakes Creek Road Landfill Biogas Flare

Rockhampton Regional Waste and recycling are currently working with a company called LMS Energy to install an industry-leading biogas system, specifically something called a Biogas Flare.

You may have noticed us doing some drilling and installing some large pipes for this project over the past few weeks on site.

While it may not look that exciting from the outside, this project will allow us to extract and destroy greenhouse gases from the landfill site using a system of pipelines and this Biogas Flare. In the future, LMS Energy is looking at adding what’s called a Renewable Energy Facility as a power module to generate energy from this site.

In short, this project will ensure the site is even safer, remove greenhouses gases from the environment, and can be developed further to even put renewable energy back into the grid. 

The construction of the system won’t take long – we’ll be up and running within a couple of weeks – and I wanted to thank you for your patience if you notice a bit of noise and some extra trucks in the meantime.

Once we turn the system on you won’t notice anything new as the flare itself will be completely enclosed.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information about this project please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Customer Service on 07 4932 9000