CRS Glass in asphalt

Rockhampton Regional Council is paving the road to a zero waste economy with an exciting trial taking place Murray Street in August 2020.

Councillor for Infrastructure Tony Williams said the project may look like a simple reseal, however there’s a lot going on below the surface.

“The asphalt mix for this reseal will include 5% recycled glass – which equates to about 120,000 glass bottles for this project,” said Cr Williams.

“We’ve been working with Boral Australia for a few months now to make this happen and we are very excited to kick into our first trial.

“Our goal ultimately is that all Council road projects will have glass included in their asphalt mix going forward.

“We’re not the first local government in Australia to trial this idea but I am proud to say that we are still well ahead of the curve, and I really want to give credit to Council Officers in Civil Operations and Rockhampton Regional Waste and Recycling (RRWR) as well as Boral Australia for making this happen.”

Councillor for Waste Shane Latcham said this project feeds into RRWR’s broader strategy to move to a zero waste economy.

“There are so many benefits to this idea,” said Cr Latcham.

“Glass is an incredible material – it can be recycled endlessly without any loss to its integrity.

“Which means that we’re saving time and resources re-using a material we already have in spades, rather than sourcing raw materials from a quarry.

“It also means that we’re finding a constructive use for a material that doesn’t break down in the natural environment, so the benefits are absolutely clear.”  

Mark Taylor, Operations Manager – Asphalt (Country South), said Boral was very pleased to be able to work with Rockhampton Regional Council.

“This is an innovative use of recycled glass in asphalt and a fantastic, sustainable outcome for the ratepayers in the Region,” said Mr Taylor.

“We are really excited to be part of it.”