Home Renovators

Home Renovators

Whilst Council strongly recommends that anyone who has asbestos containing material (ACM) in their home use a licensed contractor to remove the material it is recognised that home renovators will, at times, remove asbestos within their own home.  There are strict requirements for the home renovator to meet when undertaking this work.

The Public Health Act 2005 and Public Health Regulation 2018 regulates the safe handling of Asbestos containing material (ACM) in domestic settings where the work is conducted by the home owner. 

Home renovators must ensure that any activity they undertake in relation to DYI renovations comply with the requirements of the Public Health Act 2005 and Public Health Regulation 2018. Activities which are prohibited include

  • Removal of friable asbestos without a licence
  • Removal of more than 10 square meters of bonded asbestos without a certificate
  • Using a power tool or a device attached to a power tool to cut or clean ACM
  • Using a high pressure water process to clean ACM
  • Using compressed air to clean ACM or material where ACM is present
  • Selling or giving away ACM

Activities which are regulated include

  • Conducting prescribed work including breaking, cleaning, cutting, maintaining, removing, repairing, storing and using ACM may be undertaken as long as reasonable measures have been taken to ensure that asbestos fibre release has been minimised.

Home renovators wishing to remove more than 10 square meters of ACM must obtain a certificate from Queensland Health. Information on the certificates can be found at the Queensland Government website.

Person who have asbestos backed tiles, asbestos containing insulation or pipe lagging in their home must engage a licensed asbestos removalist to remove the ACM.  These products are regarded as friable asbestos and cannot be removed by the home renovator at any time. An Asbestos guide for minor renovation can be found at https://www.asbestos.qld.gov.au/asbestos home renovators trades guide