Disposal of Asbestos

Disposal of Asbestos

Asbestos is a regulated waste prescribed by Schedule 9 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019 and disposal must be managed in accordance with the regulation and the Public Health Regulation 2018.

All asbestos that is being transported must be:

  • Accompanied by a Waste Transport Certificate (non-commercial operators with quantities under 175 kilograms are exempt from this clause only).
  •  Wet down, double wrapped with a minimum of 0.2mm thick polyethylene sheets  or bags (for sheets less than 1200m long and 900mm wide), sealed with adhesive tape and placed within containers on the vehicles.
  • Clearly labelled as asbestos as asbestos and contain a warning that damage to the packing and dust inhalation should be avoided

Example includes                   CAUTION – ASBESTOS

                                                DO NOT DAMAGE OR OPEN BAG

                                                DO NOT INHALE DUST

                                                CANCER AND LUNG DISEASE HAZARD                             

  • Securely stowed on the vehicle during transit in a way that will prevent the package rupturing

Some council facilities will accept waste containing asbestos, however an appointment is required.  More information on Councils waste services can be found on our Waste and Recycling pages.