Defunct Committee - Water Committee

Committee Membership

Chairperson  Councillor Greg Belz 
Membership       Councillor Margaret Strelow   
  Councillor Cherie Rutherford 
  Councillor Tony Williams 
  Councillor Neil Fisher 

The following is a list of functions assigned to the Water Committee:

  • Design, construction, operation and maintenance of water and sewerage systems and networks
  • Water risk management
  • Water and sewerage operational policies
  • Annual review of Fitzroy River Water performance plan
  • Strategic Planning for regional water delivery and wastewater services

Note: The Water Committee makes recommendations to the Ordinary Council meeting. The Water Committee has no delegated authority.

Agendas and Minutes

2016 Agendas and Minutes

3 February 2016  Agenda(PDF, 1MB)    Minutes(PDF, 694KB)  

2015 Agendas and Minutes

2 December 2015   Agenda(PDF, 2MB)  Minutes(PDF, 2MB)
4 November 2015   Agenda(PDF, 9MB)    Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
7 October 2015  Agenda(PDF, 6MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
2 September 2015        Agenda(PDF, 1MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
5 August 2015   Agenda(PDF, 2MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
8 July 2015   Agenda(PDF, 883KB)    Minutes(PDF, 711KB)  
3 June 2015   Agenda(PDF, 2MB)    Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
7 May 2015   Meeting Cancelled
8 April 2015   Agenda(PDF, 3MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
4 March 2015   Meeting Cancelled
4 February 2015        Agenda(PDF, 827KB)         Minutes(PDF, 1MB)       

2014 Agendas and Minutes

3 December 2014   Meeting Cancelled
5 November 2014   Agenda(PDF, 5MB)         Minutes(PDF, 2MB)         
1 October 2014   Agenda(PDF, 8MB)  Supplementary Agenda(PDF, 856KB)         Minutes(PDF, 1MB)       
3 September 2014        Agenda(PDF, 2MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)  
6 August 2014  Agenda(PDF, 1MB)  Minutes(PDF, 578KB)  
4 June 2014   Agenda(PDF, 2MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)  
30 April 2014  Agenda(PDF, 497KB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)  
2 April 2014  Agenda(PDF, 568KB)  Supplementary Agenda(PDF, 58KB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)
5 March 2014   Agenda(PDF, 2MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)  
5 February 2014  Agenda(PDF, 55MB)  Minutes(PDF, 1MB)  


Copies of Council meeting agendas and minutes prior to 2014 are available via request to Council's Customer Service Centre on 1300 22 55 77 or email Please include specific details about which previous Local Government Authority, the committee (if known) and the date of the requested agendas and minutes.