Operational Works

An 'Operational Works' development application is generally required when: 

  • Excavating or filling of land (i.e. earthworks, change of ground level , construction of a dam) 
  • Undertaking civil works for new subdivisions (i.e. connection to Council infrastructure) and other works associated with a material change of use or reconfiguration of a lot
  • Placing an advertising device on the land or building 
  • Undertaking road works on Council roads 
  • Clearing vegetation
  • Undertaking landscaping works.

View the Design Guideline for Operational Works and Building Works(PDF, 2MB) to assist your application.  This guideline provides general information and practical guidance about where excavation or filling works requires an operational works development permit and the limited circumstances where excavation and filling can be authorised by a building works permit.

DA Forms

For an Operational Works Application, DA Form 1 will be required. Please refer to the below website for the current DA Forms.

Planning Act 2016 Development Application Forms.

Fees and Charges

For the applicable Operational Works Development Application Fees refer to Council's Fees and Charges.

Stages in obtaining compliance with Operational Works Permit:

Prestart Meeting
A prestart meeting is required prior to commencing works on site.  To arrange a prestart meeting please contact Council’s Technical Officer in Development Assessment.

Progress Inspections
At the site meeting, you will be provided with the attending Council Officer’s contact details. Please contact the relevant officer to book progress inspections. NB. Additional inspections for non-compliant works attract a fee.

Final Inspections 
At the completion of the works, you are required to book in a final inspection with Council’s Technical Officers (same process as for progress inspections). NB. Additional inspections for non-compliant works attract a fee.
Before operational works are accepted ‘on defects’ you are required to provide the following items: 

  • Defects Liability Bond: Submission of a Bank guarantee or cash bond is applicable when there will be assets handed over to Council as a result of the development. This bond is calculated at 5% of the construction costs (including GST) of the infrastructure to become Council assets.
  • Bonding Deed: A bonding deed and costing schedule is required to accompany submission of the defects liability bond payment. The ‘On Defects’ period commences from the date the survey plan is endorsed. After  a minimum period of 12 months,  Council will conduct an ‘Off Defects’ inspection prior to the return of the bond.  In the case of a Stormwater Detention Basin the minimum defects period is 24 months.

As-constructed plans

Applicants may be required to submit As constructed data to Council as part of the development application process.  View the As Constructed Submission page for the documents required.