Dirt for Lunch?!

Whatever you are eating for lunch came from the dirt! We can trace our food back to its original form and to the soil it came from.
Healthy soil means healthy food for your body.

Challenge #1: Can you name a food in your meal that did not come from the dirt?

E.G. Tuna Salad Sandwich


 • Bread came from wheat grown in the dirt.

• Pickles are preserved cucumbers grown in the dirt.

• Lettuce was grown in the dirt.

• Mayonnaise came from eggs, that came from chickens, that ate grains grown in the dirt.

• Tuna living in the ocean eat smaller fish, that eat zooplankton, that eat phytoplankton, which needs nutrients from the decomposed bodies of dead plants and animals that accumulate on the ocean floor and are brought to the surface by water currents.


An easy way to improve the health of the soil that our food grows in is to return your food waste back to the Earth to release their nutrients to grow new food. This process is called composting and involves water, air, beneficial bugs plus organic waste from the garden (leaves, grass clippings, twigs etc).

Disposing of organics (food and garden green waste) in the landfill is a problem – when buried here it breaks down but creates methane gas, which is a potent greenhouse gas that damages the Earth’s protective ozone layer. The landfill is for general rubbish, so composted nutrients are wasted here.


Do the conga 'cause you just completed a Compost Conga Challenge!!!
Compost conga line worms