Dog attack

Dog attacks

The victim of a dog attack must seek medical treatment as required and contact Council as soon as possible to report the incident for investigation.

Once reported Council will investigate the alleged attack under the guidelines of the Animal Management (Dogs and Cats) Act 2008(PDF, 783KB) and collect the following information:

  • Interviews from the victim, witnesses and dog owner.
  • Dog Attack Statement(PDF, 286KB) from the victim, witnesses and dog owner.
  • Photo evidence of injury to the victim from the incident.

All persons involved in the investigation process may need to support the information that they provide in a legal proceeding. On completion of the investigation Council will make a recommendation and take appropriate action. The dog may be regulated if the evidence supports this decision, which may include a declaration of the dog being menacing or dangerous. All persons involved will be advised of Council’s decision at this stage.

What are the dog owner’s rights?

  • Surrender the dog to Council;
  • Ask for a review or request further information (within 14 days after proposed declaration);
  • Appeal the decision within 14 days after declaration notice. Refer to Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal at any stage (no later than 28 days after appeal).

The victim has the right to investigate civil action against the dog owner at any stage.