Planting and caring for native plants


Did you know? Over 25 million trees have been planted by more than 4 million people as part of National Tree Day activities.

Native trees, shrubs and grasses provide an important social, economic and environmental benefit to the community. So why not roll up your sleeves and get ready to bring nature back to your backyard.

Find out how you can make everyday tree day!

Check out Council's native plant program!

Native plants are provided to bring nature back as part of the native plant program which is aligned with nominated events throughout the year such as National Tree Day.

Plant and care for your native in your yard!

Ensure you have the right plant in the right place in your yard for the right reasons.

  • Think before you plant and consider the planting advice provided in the native plant fact sheets.
  • Prepare the area and soil, dig an appropriately sized hole, back fill and make a well for watering.
  • Check in on your plant and water regularly - twice a week for the first month, once a week for the second and third month and once a month after the third month of establishment.
  • We would love to see your native plants thriving in their new homes! Send through a photo of your native plants in your yard to
Feel the benefits of natives!

Trees, shrubs and grasses play an important role in our streets, parks and riparian corridors, as well as creating habitat in our very own backyards

  • Native plants attract birds, reptiles and mammals to your yard by providing a home, food sources, breeding sites and shelter from predators.
  • Native plant species have adapted to the temperatures, soils, rainfall and other variables consistent for the local area.
  • Planting natives helps to increase urban canopy cover and provide a cooler and more attractive environment for us to live in. 
Make everyday tree day! 

National events such as National Tree Day are great ways to participate in tree planting activities, but you can also get involved in lots of other ways.

There are so many more helpful resources available to assist you to learn more about how natives help to bring nature back to your yard. Check out some of them below.