Put your sustainability actions in focus this World Environment Day

Published on 05 June 2024

Previous Sustainability in Action Photo Competition winners - St Peter's Catholic Primary School.jpg

Rockhampton Regional Council is celebrating World Environment Day with the launch of its annual Sustainability in Action Photo Competition.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Tony Williams said the competition is about showcasing the ways that local households and schools are doing their part for the environment.

“Our community does a lot of great work in this space, and we want to recognise and celebrate these efforts,” Mayor Williams said. 

“This photo competition is different to others in the sense that we aren’t looking for those breathtaking landscapes or sunsets, but rather photos that demonstrate how our local residents put sustainability into action each and every day.  

“Of course, entrants can get creative in how to capture these but overall, it’s about providing examples of the kinds of actions that can have a huge impact on our households, our budgets and of course, our environment.

“It might be a photo of your family tending to your veggie garden, upcycling something instead of discarding it, caring for our local habitat or the ways you conserve water.

“There are different categories to enter, and great prizes to be won for each - so get snapping and send them in for your chance to win.

“We’re really excited to launch this competition today in celebration of World Environment Day and we can’t wait to see the amazing work that our local schools, families and individuals are doing.”

The competition is open to all residents and schools in the Rockhampton Region.

Entries are now open and close 5pm Friday, 16 August 2024.

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More about the competition categories:

  1. Reducing single use plastic: this could feature activities such as taking reusable bags shopping, packing plastic free lunches, using your keep cup or reusable water bottle
  2. Caring for our catchment: washing your car on the grass, picking up litter, participating in local clean-ups
  3. Finding energy efficiencies: switching off power points, using appliances with good energy ratings, checking seals on fridges and freezers
  4. Growing your own fruit and vegetables: tending to your vegetable patch, choosing local produce at market, cooking with your home grown produce
  5. Fighting food waste: using a shopping list, taking leftovers for lunch, extending life of food through good storage, composting organics at home
  6. Active and sustainable transport: carpooling to an event, walking/riding to school or work, pumping up vehicle tyres for fuel efficiency
  7. Planting and caring for native plants: planting native plants in your garden, appreciating native plants on a bushwalk, naturally controlling weeds
  8. Reusing and upcycling: mending clothes, reusing containers and jars, upcycling furniture
  9. Encouraging wildlife and habitat: having a wildlife shelter and water source in your garden, installing native bee/frog/butterfly hotels
  10. Being water wise: hand watering or using a tap timer on sprinklers, mulching your garden
  11. Recycling right with yellow lid bins: sorting recycling into the yellow lid bin, showing your internal bin system to sort recyclable items, collecting for containers for change
  12. Green gift giving and festivities: making wrapping paper, reusing gift bags, giving homemade treats as gifts