Glenmore Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

  • Project typeConstruction
  • Project valueStage 1 - $20 Milliion
  • Project scheduleStage 1 Completion July 2024
GWTP Aerial View

Project Scope

The Glenmore Water Treatment Plant (GWTP) Upgrade project incorporates a range of electrical, mechanical, building and structural works to renew and/or upgrade parts of the GWTP.

The scope of works includes design and construction of works associated with the new Motor Control Centre (MCC) rooms, electrical switchboards and local control panels, electrical and process control systems and equipment, chemical dosing and handling systems, water filtration system, water quality and flow instrumentation systems, installation of fire control and security systems, installation of new safety access and safety lifting systems, SCADA integration of all new works, and Operation and Maintenance Plan documentation and training of relevant operational and maintenance employees.


This project will refurbish the plant and improve reliability and extend the life of the plant for another 30 to 40 years.


This project is funded by Rockhampton Regional Council.


32 Belmont Road, Glenmore, Parkhurst 4701  View Map

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