Botanic Gardens and Zoo Redevelopment

  • Project typeDesign and Construction
  • Project value$7.537 million (2021-2022 to 2023-2024 financial years)
  • Project scheduleJune 2024
Botanic Gardens & Zoo Redevelopment

Project Scope

The Botanic Gardens and Zoo are one of the major tourism contributors to the region with over 300,000 visitors (local and non-local) visiting the variety of native and exotic flora and fauna.

A redevelopment program for the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens & Zoo was endorsed by Council in August 2021 to reinvigorate the site as a memorable destination of regional prominence by providing new, exciting and unique experiences in the heart of Central Queensland. This can be viewed here.

The vision for the redevelopment is to revitalise, develop and integrate the facilities, infrastructure and operational across the Botanic Gardens and Zoo to support its future growth, while focusing on the preservation of its history.

Under the redevelopment program, the following projects are currently committed:

  1. Visitor Hub and Animal Operations Centre Detail Design: The existing entrance to the Zoo is constrained by nearby trees and animal enclosures, which inhibits the ability to provide a landmark entrance and gathering space. This project includes the detail design for the creation of a central visitor hub to the Botanic Gardens & Zoo, including more public amenities for the site. This project also includes a new operations centre for the Zoo as the existing building is approach its end of life and currently inhibits any future growth or diversification of the zoological collection. The animal operations centre will provide the capacity to expand and diversify the animal collection and plan for the future.
  2. Botanic Gardens Playground Renewal Design & Construction: The existing playground equipment is well-beyond its end of serviceable life and is in need of renewal in alignment with current standards; and community expectations for a playground facility. This project includes the design and construction for all-new playground facilities and experiences within the Botanic Gardens.
  3. Enclosure Program Design & Construction: A program of works to provide several upgrades and refurbishments to existing enclosures, based on new animal species, to ensure the long-term viability of the enclosures, supporting animal welfare and ensuring the safety of the staff. This project includes the design and construction for a series of refurbished enclosures to house proposed new animal species.


The redevelopment of the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens & Zoo will culminate in a memorable destination of regional prominence by providing new, exciting and unique experiences in the heart of Central Queensland.

This project will transform the Botanic Gardens into a botanical collection of regional and national significance, with the Zoo shining as a lead in animal exhibitions, conservation and welfare. The site collectively will provide exceptional visitor experiences and new attractions for locals and non-local visitors to enjoy.

Key benefits of the redevelopment program include:

  • Supporting a resilient local tourism industry.
  • Enhancing the identity of Rockhampton.
  • Increasing business activity through tourism expenditure.
  • Ensuring long-term viability of heritage landmarks for future generations.
  • Providing diverse employment, training and volunteering opportunities.
  • Increasing livability and social amenity of the region.
  • Providing new and unique experiences.
  • Increasing visitation and length of stay in the region.


A budget of $7.537 million has been adopted across the 2021-2022 to 2023-2024 financial years to implement the redevelopment program. Within this budget, the following grants have been received:

  • $1.4 million from Works for Queensland for the Botanic Gardens Playground Renewal Design & Construction.
  • $1.5 million from Building Better Regions for the Visitor Hub.

Council continues to seek funding and grant opportunities to further advance and implement the redevelopment program.



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