Mount Morgan Water Pipeline Project

  • Project typePipeline Construction
  • Project value$88.2 million
  • Project scheduleAugust 2023 - September 2025
  • Contractor nameHaslin Constructions
2023 August Mount Morgan Pipes

The Mount Morgan Pipeline project includes the construction of a 28km pipeline to deliver long-term water security for the Mount Morgan community. 

The $88.2 million project will include:

  • Construction of a 28km potable water pipeline from the pump station at Gracemere to Mount Morgan;
  • Upgrade of the pump station at Old Capricorn Highway;
  • Construction of a new reservoir and new pump station at Lucas Street, Gracemere; and
  • New pump station and small reservoir at Moonmera, which is approximately halfway along the pipeline route.

In August 2023 Rockhampton Regional Council announced an early works package as well as the procurement of pipes for the Mount Morgan Water Pipeline Project. The early works package included site preparation, power upgrades and cultural and environmental assessments. Council proactively decided to commence early works and purchased the pipes to ensure there were no delays due to global supply chain shortages.

Pipeline Alignment

A copy of the pipeline alignment is available here(PDF, 3MB)


The Mount Morgan Water Supply Pipeline Project is jointly funded by the Federal Government ($30 million), The Queensland Government ($40.4 million) and Rockhampton Regional Council ($17.8 million). 


Due to prolonged drought conditions, the Mount Morgan No 7 Dam levels fell below 10 percent in early 2021, resulting in level six water restrictions for the Mount Morgan community.

From 2021 to 2024, Rockhampton Regional Council carted water from the Rockhampton water supply network to Mount Morgan. When the No 7 Dam levels replenished in January 2024, Council commenced works to reconnect the town to the Dam, and water carting ceased in April 2024. 

Council acknowledges the significant contribution of $10.8 million from the Queensland Government to fund these water carting costs.