How can I discourage rats and mice?

You can discourage rats and mice by making the environment unfavourable to them. Eliminate sources of food and shelter.

You can reduce food sources by:

  • Cleaning pet and poultry food dishes and storing foods in tightly closed rat proof containers.
  • Not leaving pet food out overnight.
  • Keeping chicken coops and bird aviaries clean.  Only allow enough food for each day.
  • Not feeding wildlife.
  • Placing rubbish and food scraps in rat proof bins.
  • Ensure your compost bin is rat proof. Keep compost free of meat products.
  • Removing ripened or fallen fruit and seeds from trees, palms and the ground.
  • Keeping waste storage areas clean and any food spills cleaned up immediately.

You can reduce shelter by:

  • Clearing the property and sheds of disused materials such as timber or building materials.
  • Keeping grass and vegetation cut short.
  • Blocking potential entry points to your buildings such as holes in wall lining
  • Fitting a cover, grate or plug securely in a covered pipe or drain
  • Checking retaining and rock walls are not harbouring rats
  • Stacking materials off the ground (recommended 300mm minimum).
  • Trimming trees away from rooflines to limit rat access

Ideally when discouraging rats and mice, you should seek the cooperation of your neighbours whose properties may also support rats.