Fess up - what's your 'ick' limit?!

Everyone runs their household differently and that's ok, so come-on, who are you?! 


'My fridge is my temple'
'Just the thought of fuzz brings out the disinfectant'
'Collecting my food waste to compost is gross'


'I check the use-by date, but there's a little flexibility depending on what it is'
'The first sign of fuzz and it's binned'
'My animals do my composting'


'Fuzz can be scraped off and it's good to use below'
'I compost all my food and garden organic waste'
'I cook creatively with leftovers'

Challenge #3: Play ‘Rot or Not’ in the kitchen each week to clean out the fridge or pantry and feed your compost!

One person stands by the household bins to sort what the other person hands to them – ask each other ‘Rot or Not?’ to know if it goes in the compost scrap bucket or in another bin.

If your food item was once alive, then it is organic and can rot or break down, so it can go in the compost.

But it’s a not for; meat and bone (including poultry and fish) as well as cheese and milk – these items need way more heat than we can create in a home compost system.

It is also a not for any plastic or other general rubbish to be put in the compost – these items were never alive.

You can also look outside of your fridge and pantry – did you know vacuum lint from wool carpets, sawdust, tea bags and shredded paper can be composted? They were all once alive! 


Do the conga 'cause you just completed a Compost Conga Challenge!!!

Compost conga line worms